We organize events for any area of ​​mainland Portugal or abroad

We handle the transportation of cyclists and bicycles. We collect passengers, bicycles and luggage at a place to be arranged.

Do not be limited to public transport or the use of own vehicles. Together with your group make free and carefree planning of any MTB or Cycling event.

General Conditions: Bicycle and bicycle transport is governed by the following rules: Bicycles are transported in accessories that are suitable for this purpose. . The Bicycle and Cycle Transport Service will always be carried out with all due care. In the event of a malfunction in the transported bikes, we decline any liability. Although no accident or unforeseen situation is excluded as long as covered by their insurance. Naturally, the client accompanies the bicycle during the trip. This way you can check all care in placement, packaging and driving. Bicycle and Cycle Transportation Service for electric bicycles must be performed without the battery on the bicycle. Its total weight with or without battery can not exceed 20 kg. In the Bicycle and Cycle Transport Service for safer transport you may sometimes have to remove the saddle or lower / raise according to the adjustment needs. During the journey of the Bicycle and Cycle Transport Service there are no extended stops, only the indispensable stops at service stations along the way. Bicycles are always under the supervision of the driver of the vehicle, if he has to be absent for a moment, the safekeeping of them is ensured by passengers. According to the scheduled date for pick up of cyclists and bicycles the maximum waiting time without any notice from the client is ONE hour at the scheduled location. If one hour has elapsed at the agreed location, no refund will be given. Turbicla is committed to appearing at the agreed time and place for the collection of Bicycles and Cyclists and cannot be held responsible for any delays that may arise due to traffic difficulties, breakdowns or the like. The Customer will be notified of this misconception beyond the wishes of Turbicla and any eventual mishap is not entitled to any compensation or reduction of the agreed price. In the event of a car breakdown for the transport of Turbicla, the travel assistance will be triggered, with no compensation whatsoever, nor reduction of the budgeted amount. Request now a simulation for the transport service.

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