Cidade bet on the Spanish, French and German markets this year.

The awards of Setúbal in Portugal and worldwide, with awards won in recent years in different spheres of intervention, focuses the strategy of brand management of the municipality in 2019 to present the region as a tourist destination of excellence. This strategy of affirmation and dissemination in national and international markets, in which distinctions achieved in areas such as tourism, environment, culture and urbanism are highlighted, is put into practice already this week, with the participation of Setúbal in the International Tourism Fair in Madrid , Spain. In this event, one of the largest European tourist events, running until 27 January, the municipality affirms itself with objectivity, sharing a set of national and international awards that recognize the unique wealth of Setúbal. In March, the city is present in the tourism fairs of Paris, Berlin and Lisbon.

This is the case of the recent prize awarded by the Travel & Hospitality guide, which distinguished the Casa da Baía – Tourism Promotion Center of Setúbal, housed in a restored building on Avenida Luísa Todi, as the “Best Local Experience” in the district of Setúbal in 2019.

Setúbal also boasts the “Star Brand” of Bloom Consulting, for registering the most important rise in the Lisbon region in the 2018 edition of the Portugal City Brand Ranking, a study that evaluates the attractiveness of the Portuguese counties and in which Setúbal occupies a place in the Top 10 of the municipalities more appealing to live, visit and invest.

In September of 2008, the Setubal Council also won six prizes in the first edition of Portugal Five Stars, aimed at recognizing the excellence of national resources, namely in the categories “Traditional Cuisine” with fried cuttlefish, “Regional Sweets”, with Azeitão, and “Wines”, with the Moscatel de Setúbal.
“Beaches”, with “Galapinhos”, “Reserves, Landscapes and Dams”, with the Arrábida Natural Park, and “Serras e Montanhas” with Serra da Arrábida, were categories in which Setúbal also stood out, with distinctions 12 categories, at the district level, of brands, products and services of public and private entities.

Galapinhos was also voted “Best Beach in Europe in 2017”, the European Best Destinations portal, integrated in the European Consumers Choice, a result of the vote of 10,000 users of that website, from 136 countries and who chose the sadistic beach of between 280 bathing areas of the European continent.

Setubal is also home to some of the seven wonders of the country. In competitions to New 7 Wonders Portugal, setubalense roasted sardine was chosen in 2011 as one of the “7 Wonders of Gastronomy”, while in 2010 Portinho da Arrábida was recognized as a “7 Natural Wonders of Portugal”, in the category “Beaches and Cliffs “.
Since the Livramento Market has been in the mouths of the world since 2015 after Marla Cimini, a journalist and specialist in gastronomy and wines, has highlighted the traditional space of trade in the newspaper USA Today, placing it on the elite list of the most important fish markets. of the planet.

Also worthy of note was the journalistic work published in the “Le Vif / L’Express”, a Belgian newsmagazine of weekly periodicity, with an average circulation of around 100,000 copies, which highlighted, in 2015, Setúbal as one of the “Ten Safer Cities to travel alone “.

Setúbal shows in Spain, France and Germany

WINE magazine – Wine Essence elected Setúbal as “Gastronomic Destination of the Year 2015”, at the Gala Os Melhores do Ano, while the movement I Support Street Art put the mural “Ladio dos Pássaros” by Sérgio Odeith, executed in one of the gates of the José Afonso Auditorium, as one of the best murals in the world in 2014.
The municipality also stands out for the “City Clean Award”, thanks to the quality indexes obtained in the area of ​​the environment, regarding hygiene and urban cleaning, a distinction made in 2018 by Associação Humana Portugal, which emphasized the efficient management of waste and the development sustainable development.
Among other things, in 2018, Setúbal also received the National Bicycle Mobility Prize, awarded by the Portuguese Cycling Federation and Bicycle Users, for the work carried out in the promotion of sadino use of this means of transport.

These are some of the prizes through which the Câmara de Setúbal promotes, over the course of this year, the external image of the county, continuing a work that has been translated into a greater tourist expression, both in the appearance of new tour operators and in the annual increase of the number of visitors.
In terms of international participation, the focus is on the Spanish, French and German markets. In addition to the International Tourism Fair in Spain, Setúbal is also present at the Tourism Fair in Berlin, Germany, and at the World Tourism Fair in Paris, France and, of course, at the Lisbon Tourism Exchange, events taking place in March.