The mayor of Setúbal, Maria das Dores Meira, believes that as a result of factors such as the demand for sports and the enjoyment of natural spaces of great beauty, tourism in Setúbal “has grown as it has never grown.” The revelation was made at the opening session of the International Congress “Active Tourism, Sport, Nature and Sustainability”, held on April 12 at the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal.

“We are one of the regions of the country with the most sustained tourist growth, the region where there is still much to know and explore, fully aware that we must promote this development always with a focus on sustainability and the protection of our precious resources natural, “said Maria das Dores Meira.

The Sado River and the Serra da Arrábida offer “exceptional natural conditions” and are “important factors for the development of local sports and tourism,” and the municipality “has been working hard in recent years to highlight these capacities,” he concluded.

In 2017, Casa da Baia, one of the five municipal tourist offices, received 135,496 visitors, which represents an increase of 144 percent compared to 2016, when there were 55,329 visitors and Mourisca’s Moinho de Maré followed this growth , with a total of 84,585 visitors in 2017, compared to 39,869 in 2016, which represents a growth of 112 percent. ”

Most of the tourists served at the municipal posts in 2017 come from Spain, which represents 23 percent of the total number. In second place are the French, with 22 percent.

Another indicator of the growing demand for Setúbal by tourists reveals that overnight stays at local hotels increased from 225,022 in 2016 to 237,777 in 2017. Overnight stays by foreigners grew by 13 per cent thanks to 112,243 overnight stays in 2017, against 99,179 in the previous year.

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